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Oxy Green Blaster and Bedbug Destruct



I just got back from the 4-day Pest World trade show in New Orleans.  

At the morning session on Wednesday, one of the speakers, Robin G. Todd, PhD, BCE, was talking about bed bug extermination and said:

"I have tested all of the existing modalities of heat, steam, freezing, pyrethoids growth regulator/inhibitors, and nothing has given 100% consistent results, except ozone at 30 ppm's."

He also said "I am not sure if that technology has been made available to the PMP/PCO world at this time."

And he's NOT even working for me!

Frankly, it's what I've been telling everyone all along...that my Oxy-Green Blaster and Bed Bug Destruct Sytem (with massive ozone concentrations as one part of the system) is the safest, simplest, most profitable and most powerful BED BUG KILLING system on the market!

Here's a bit more about Robin Todd's impeccable credentials:

Dr. Robin G. Todd, PhD, BCE
Executive Director, ICR

Dr. Todd joined ICR in 1979 as an entomologist, and became the director in 1990. He oversees efficacy testing and regulatory services, and is the principal contact for new clients. He worked for the Mosquito Research & Control Unit on Grand Cayman during 1971-1978 as a "VSO" (volunteer serving overseas, which is the UK equivalent of the Peace Corp). He has a BA (Honors) in biological sciences from Lancaster, and a PhD in entomology from Reading; both in the UK. He was speaking a the "National Bed Bug Forum"